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FIRESIDE VERSAWOOD GAS LOGS - Ingenious design provides two different looks: split log or full bark - simply by turning the front logs around. The split log side gives you another option and a new flame experience.

  • Authentic looking logs molded from real oak timber
  • Works with three types of burners: Matchlight (NG only), Safety Pilot, and Remote Ready
  • Hearth Kit / Burner sold separately
Two Log Sizes Available (18" for 36" fireplaces and 24" for 42" fireplaces)
HEAFVW18 - 18" Fireside Versawood
HEAFVW24 - 24" Fireside Versawood

Three Hearth Kits Available
  • Matchlight (natural gas only) requires manual lighting each time you start a fire; the absence of valves or controls allows for use of the largest log set possible (no remote available).
  • Safety Pilot - Provides a standing pilot ready for lighting (no remote available).
  • Remote Ready - Safety pilot system operable via an optional wall switch or remote control.

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